Manufacturing Cold Headed Fasteners Since 1983.

Screws Industries opened its doors in the fall of 1983. Owner Dennis Fiedler’s fledgling company quickly established itself as a reliable manufacturer of small screws and a leader in the “sems” (screw and washer assembly) marketplace.

As the years have gone by, our size range has grown to include larger diameter parts and longer lengths. The addition of multi-die heading equipment has afforded us the capability to efficiently produce high quality shoulder screws, bolts and a very wide array of specialized products. With our remarkable growth came a new, state of the art facility, which includes an in-house tool room and an expansive warehouse.

Several decades have passed since our inception and Mr. Fiedler’s ongoing commitment to re-investing in our facilities, equipment and capabilities has propelled the company to a position of prominence in the fastener industry. The Screws Industries brand has become synonymous with quality and service. It is a reputation we are all proud of and one we work diligently to maintain.

Our Philosophy

At Screws Industries, we strive to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices and an unparalleled level of service.


People Matter

More than the machinery and brick and mortar, the heartbeat of Screws Industries is our people. We all take personal pride in our company and are committed to doing our part to service our valued customers. We endeavor to exceed your expectations. Contact us with your requirements and see for yourself!


More than a Customer

We want to establish long term relationships with our customers and be the source they can turn to with any requirement. When it comes to fasteners, we want to be the only place you turn.

Why Screws Industries?

Screws Industries is a proud domestic manufacturer with the capability to supply a wide variety of parts. Have a challenging item for us? Send it over, we are not a company who will simply “no quote” an item if it looks out of the norm. On the contrary, we will work to find a creative solution for you. We are happy to accommodate both cold headed and screw machine inquiries alike. There is often more than one way to look at the manufacture of a part and we will work to find the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to our domestic manufacturing capabilities, we also have a time tested direct mill import program available to you. We have developed strong relationships with our partners overseas and regularly audit these facilities. We also employ an independent and fully accredited A2LA lab overseas to ensure product quality prior to shipment. On the rare occasion that an issue with an overseas part does arise, we have the capability to support that with domestic manufacturing to keep you going. Purchasing overseas parts through Screws Industries greatly reduces the risk of import purchase.

In the past, the threshold for quality was simply fit and function. Sometimes it still can be. As our industry has evolved however, the quality requirements have become more and more stringent and technical. It can be overwhelming. Not to worry we have you covered and can help guide you through the process of meeting those requirements. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have also recently upgraded our manufacturing equipment to include electronic in process monitors. These process monitors are supplemented by our floor inspectors to ensure our product is in tolerance.

As a customer of Screws Industries we encourage you to take advantage our value added services. These include but are not limited to engineering assistance, CAD CAM blue print availability, stock and release programs, sorting, packaging, private labeling, EDI and bar coding. Do you require technical fastener assistance on a call or customer visit? Just ask, we will be happy to assist you with your applications.

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive. We want to truly partner with you to find ways to gain that competitive edge in obtaining new business. Let us know what we can do to help.