Direct Mill Importing

Screws Industries is a proud manufacturer and supplier of domestic products.  That having been said, in today’s dynamic market place there are occasions where import sourcing is required.  Would it surprise you to know that in addition to our domestic capabilities, Screws Industries has had a flourishing Import Division for more than two decades?

In that time we have developed a very strong program and a network of quality driven partners.

To ensure the ongoing viability of our sources, their factories are rigorously audited, monitored and scored on a variety of criteria, with the greatest weight given to quality and on time delivery.  Our Import purchasing department routinely performs these audits in person and visits frequently as part of a continuous improvement program.

Those companies who do not meet our standards soon find themselves removed from our approved vendor list.


We utilize accredited A2LA independent labs overseas to ensure product quality prior to shipment.


We have people on the ground whom we can deploy to visit a facility when the need arises.


We go to great lengths to ensure quality, transparency, and accountability with our vendors and grade them regularly.


Why Buy Import Products from Screws Industries?

As a domestic manufacturer with outstanding capabilities, we feel uniquely positioned to support your import needs.  As noted above, we work very hard behind the scenes to ensure you are receiving quality parts from overseas.

On the rare occasion something goes awry with quality or delivery we often have the capability to support you with domestic manufacturing and are happy to do so at the import price to keep you going.  This takes a lot of risk out of the process.

What’s more we have the ability to blend a mix of domestic and import supply for you and your customer.  Perhaps you need the offset of import pricing, but also require quick delivery.

We can set up and run you a partial here while you wait for the balance via import delivery.   In addition we offer flexibility.

We will work with you to schedule blanket releases over a period of time.  This affords you the ability to take advantage of volume pricing while releasing smaller lots to control your cash flow.

A2LA Accredited

We can offer you a very wide array of products sometimes in quantities that may surprise you.  Through the years we have identified which product lines suit which vendors and proceed accordingly.

Whether your requirements are for standards, specials, screw machine products, stampings, forgings, castings, metals, plastics or other, we can accommodate you.  Our experience makes the difference.

Custom Quantities

Blanket Orders

Importing Experience