Quality Control

QC / Certifications

  • QSLM government certification – Cage Code 5DMH1
  • Statistical Process Control
  • PPAP’s / First Article Inspections / ISIR
  • Full certification and lot traceability from raw material to completed product
  • A2LA independent lab services both domestic and abroad
  • Mechanical testing – drive torque, ductility, rockwell, hydrogen embrittlement
  • Post production hand and electronic / optical sorting is available to ensure tight tolerances and ppm levels for automatically fed production parts where required

The Process Matters

As the fastener industry has evolved and become more technically oriented, it has become imperative that a supplier’s quality control process keeps pace in order to remain a viable business partner.

At Screws Industries, it is our goal to not only remain viable, but to lead.  To that end, we are constantly striving to improve on the stringent controls already in place.

Our commitment to quality is a comprehensive company initiative that is not limited to just the lab. We support this commitment with an ongoing investment in people, training and equipment.

As part of our ongoing investment in quality assurance, we have added electronic process monitors on all of our headers.  These monitors are used to ensure tolerances are maintained in heading and will even shut off the machine for certain non-conformities or in the event of tool breakage.

In the thread rolling department, we have installed thread run up detectors as yet another preventative measure.  All of these monitors in both heading and rolling are supplemented by operator spot checks as well as floor inspectors. These floor inspectors are equipped with a computerized mobile inspection cart to ensure accurate data.

Our QC has at its disposal any number of measurement tools including optical comparators which offer a magnified view of head, thread and point angles as well as other hard to measure dimensions.

All of our quality equipment, both electronic and manual such as gages and micrometers are maintained and calibrated at scheduled intervals to ensure accuracy.

In-House Engineering

Need help with a customer fastener application?  Our in house engineering department works closely with our sales department.  We are here to help you as a resource on capability questions, cad cam proposal prints and more.

There are often a number of ways to produce a fastener, especially in the realm of special fasteners.   Our engineers will coordinate with sales, manufacturing and our in house tool department to determine the production process that will produce the best result for that particular item.

There are any number of considerations that are application specific.  Perhaps an extremely tight tolerance is required and a determination needs to be made as to whether cold heading, screw machining or perhaps a combination of the two is the best option.

Maybe you have questions about raw material, heat treating or plating properties.  Often it is a matter of just finding the most cost effective solution for the customer.

Whatever the case, let us help you determine your options and partner with you to go the extra mile in trying to secure more business with this value added service.